Dentist Manager Chair M1010 – مبلمان اداری عیاران

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Dentist Manager Chair M1010

  • گارانتی اصالت و سلامت فیزیکی کالا + 36 ماه گارانتی عیاران
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Ayaran Management Chair has been manufactured using synchronous movement mechanism and eight, ten and twelve centimeters Jack Motion Course. In these chairs, we see the use of a five-pointed (pentacle) aluminum stand. Using this stand makes it easy to move the chair. The plastic wheels used are also easily replaceable, in order to be replaced easily in case of possible injuries. In the seat of this Chair, cold injection polyurethane foam has been used, which is also used in the car seat too, and its advantages are as follows: does not change shape, does not lose thickness, and does not become powdery due to repeated use.These benefits and advantages will extend the life of the chair and allow you to use it for a long time. You can also wash this chair with regular furniture detergents with minimal color change.Among other features of this chair include: the possibility of height adjustment, wheelchair, the possibility of adjusting the back and installing back headrest on it.Ayaran online store has provided special conditions for selling its management chairs, including shipping nationwide and a 36-month warranty. The experts of Ayaran site are ready to provide specialized advice for buying managerial chairs online.Ayaran Management Chair of Mercedes model, as its name suggests, has a creative and special design. It is very suitable for spaces that have a special design and need a special and different layout. In other words, Mercedes Model is creative and different and has its own fans.The Mercedes Management Chair is exactly the product you need to design and arrange a luxurious office decoration. Choosing the right goods in the layout of the office space has become an undeniable principle that is believed by all designers and managers to be very important.Ayaran office chair has a very comfortable and soft seat and gives the user a feeling of comfort and convenience. The interesting point in the design of this office chair is the form of a one-piece seat, handles and support that embraces the user’s body like a beautiful petal. The depth of this chair is 60 cm, which fills the lower back with a special back position that is installed for it.The cover of this chair is made of fabric or synthetic leather that the user can choose the desired material for the cover, which is produced and offered in different colors, when buying the Ayaran Management Chair. The choice of colors and type of coating leaves the hands of managers and interior designers for a better choice. This chair is designed and built based on ergonomic principles. According to the design of Ayaran chair based on these principles, the type of sitting on your chair is more controlled and therefore you will feel less tired in the long run.The base (stand) of this office chair is metal, which has been plated with chrome in order to have more resistance and prevent rust, and this is the reason for the beauty and radiance of this management chair. In addition, the design of the seat base in the form of five metal feathers with plastic wheels has facilitated movement.In today’s world, with the expansion of office work and the dependence of these activities to seated works, presence in office spaces and, consequently, sitting behind office chairs has become inevitable. Therefore, office furniture that directly affects the health of users, needs to be selected more carefully to use ergonomic and standard chairs, in addition to reducing musculoskeletal problems caused by incorrect sitting position, to help improve working conditions.In addition, it should be noted that the management room as a space where the most important decisions of a company are made, special guests are present and in a word represents the class and prestige of an office space, should have a special and different appearance than the other spaces; Therefore, the beauty of this room and paying attention to its appearance and decoration is a priority of every organization’s activities.  Ayaran office chair’s structureIn the structure of a standard office chair, it is important that the user’s body is in the correct position; this position includes the right angle of the body, the position of the sole of the foot on the ground, the 90-degree angle of the knee and the right angle of the forearm and arm. To have these components, the form of the seat and support is very important. Adjusting Angle of Backrest; An important feature in chair ergonomicsAyaran chair has the capability to adjust the angle of the seat and backrest at the same time according to user’s size and needs so that the management chair can be adjusted in any angle; For this property, Ayaran office chair has a tilt mechanism.


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Dentist Manager Chair M1010
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